BlindSQL v1.0

Pepelux has made a bash script to make blind attacks SQL injection again databases, usually MySQL. It attacks with bruteforce gaining configuration data, tables, fields and data from DB. It uses lynx navigator.


[eNYeSec] Monitor v1.0

Pepelux has made a windows utility to capture all traffic from net card, as a sniffer (promiscuous mode). It is configurable with filters, and captures TCP, UDP, ICMP and ARP protocols. It can export data, and has a login plain text detection mode (ftp, pop3, etc.). It is multilanguage (english + spanish).

Download | See screenshot

eNYeLKM v1.1

LKM rootkit for Linux x86 with the 2.6 kernel. It inserts salts inside system_call and sysenter_entry handlers, so it does not modify sys_call_table, or IDT content. It hide files, directories, and processes. Hides chunks inside of files, gives remote reverse_shell access, local root, etc.

Download LKM

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